The Royal House of LaBeija partners with Meta

The first house of ballroom celebrates chosen families and LGBTQ+ culture.

July 2, 2022

The first house of ballroom celebrates chosen families and LGBTQ+ culture.

This Pride Month, Facebook is spotlighting how the LGBTQ+ community is coming together to find connection and belonging through chosen families that they have been able to foster using the power of online communities—including Facebook Groups.

For New York-based photographer and educator Naima Green's latest project, Green featured an eclectic mix of chosen families representing the intersectionality of the LGBTQ+ community related to race, gender identity, and artistic expression. The groups include popular drag family The House of LaBeija, and Facebook communities SQuAT (Subtle Queer Asian Traits), Queer Mental Health, NYC Queer Activists, and Ballroom #Clips #Dips #Tea.

“Chosen family is critical in queer and Black communities,”  Green told ESSENCE. “And having people around you who can support you with no questions is important. There is a level of understanding that you build with chosen family.”

"As part of this, we recently launched a series of portraits in partnership with HBO Max’s Legendary to highlight the important role both ballroom culture and online communities have had in creating intersectional chosen families that are helping LGBTQ+ people find support, express their authentic selves, and realize their passions," said Meta. "Shot by renowned queer portrait photographer Naima Green, her unique take on family portraits brings this to life by capturing members of the first house of ballroom— The Royal House of LaBeija  — and Facebook groups like
@Ballroom #clips #dips #Tea, Queer Mental Health, SQuAT (Subtle Queer Asian Traits), and NYC Queer Activists that continue to make a positive impact for so many."

Meta continued, "More than 30 million people are part of at least one of the 32k Facebook groups that support the LGBTQ+ community. And as Pride wraps up, it’s so important to recognize the safe and impactful spaces these communities are creating for their members each day of the year, while also helping them find family along the way."