Royal House of LaBeija Takes Seven Trophies at 2022 NYC Ballroom Awards Ball

October 25, 2022

The Royal House of LaBeija took home seven grand prize wins at the 2022 NYC Ballroom Awards Ball.

Zero LaBeija - Two Grand Prizes – Sex Siren and Body

Zero LaBeija took home two grand prizes for MF Sex Siren BQ Jr and MF Models Body “Holiday Figures."

Aja LaBeija and Aoki LaBeija – Grand Prize - Legendary Runway with European Runway Understudy

International Mother Aja LaBeija and EC Mother Aoki LaBeija took home grand prize for Legendary Runway with European Runway Understudy.

"Team up and bring us total destruction as a team for your tens Legends in Black and Understudy in white for battles roll the dice Even # is a Legendary Battle Odd # Understudy battle. Win your battle to keep your team walking towards the Grand Prize."

Stephan LaBeija - Grand Prize - Body

Stephan LaBeija won grand prize in MF Models Body “Holiday Figures."

Pippi LaBeija - Grand Prize - Virgin Runway

Pippi LaBeija debuted with the Royal House of LaBeija, taking home grand prize in Virgin Runway.

"Take us into orbit with an out of this world look, your walk needs to shoot like a star and your attitude needs to be cosmic."

Frida LaBeija - Grand Prize - Old Way

Frida LaBeija represented the House of LaBeija in Team New Way and Old Way, taking home grand prize.

“Ying Yang Ways - Bring us a deadly duo of unstoppable performers in serving looks that are opposite of each other. Get your tens as a coordinated team with a nasty double dip."

Zenith LaBeija – Honorable Mention – Twister

International Father Zenith LaBeija battled to the final round for the Royal House of LaBeija in Twister.

"A classic awards ball tradition! We wanna see boys that vogue... so leave the skirts at home and bring us the basketball hero fantasy in a team uniform."

Kuresha Kurenai Vintage LaBeija – Honorable Mention – BQ Vogue Fem

Kuresha Kurenai Vintage LaBeija represented The Royal House of LaBeija in BQ Vogue Fem. It’s such an HONOR for the world to see DEMOLISH the girls - SLÉ the girls- ANNIHILATE the girls/ PROCESS…the damn girls!

"Bad Bunny Bitch - There’s only room for one at the top on this night. Bring us the ultimate Playboy Bunny in any color or effect but be a bad bitch about it."

Marcus LaBeija - Honorable Mention - Best Dressed

NYC Father Marcus LaBeija debuted in Father vs Father Best Dressed.

"Houses send your Father through as only a Father could. Hit the floor like we've never seen you before."